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Mid-Year Cadillac CTS-V Could Make up to 500-HP

Cadillac May Build CTS-V to Match Future BMW M5s Power Cadillacs ultra-hot 2004 CTS-V, that sports a 400-hp 5.7-L LS-6 V8 pulled directly out of the wild and wooly Corvette Z06, just might get a mid-year engine upgrade to nothing less than 500-hp. At least thats the rumor running around GM circles lately. The modified V8 would boast 6.0-liters. Why the need for more power? Cadillac wants to be perceived on par with German brands Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, all of which are in a fierce horsepower war with their respective RS, M and AMG supercar brands. Audi recently introduced its 450-hp RS6 and Mercedes-Benz its 469-hp E55 AMG, while BMW is expected to up the ante with a new 500-hp V10 M5. Theres no reason why Cadillac cant produce a car to compete directly with these bahn-stormers, and the bragging rights could trickle down to bolster sales of all models. An important consideration is that the CTS-V is slightly smaller and lighter than any of its midsize German competitors, which means even in 400-hp trim it should be competitive. To put it into perspective, the ultra-hot Caddy also competes with, and should easily outperform the much less powerful Audi S4, BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG. It will be interesting to see if rumor results in reality in the CTS-Vs case. Theres no reason...

BMW AG Confirms MINI Cabrio

How to Make the Worlds Hottest Compact Hotter? Chop, Pop and Drop the Roof On May 15th what many had speculated for quite some time became official, Dr. Panke, Director of the Board of BMW AG, announced that MINI will be bringing a convertible to market. According to Panke, "The MINI brand is an important pillar of our premium brand strategy and we are continuing with our investments. I can hereby confirm that we will be expanding the MINI product range by a four-seater cabrio with the aim of gaining new customers in the open-top small car segment. The MINI Cabrio will become another highlight in the success story of the MINI brand." While an exact production date has not been determined, most analysts expect the MINI Cabrio some time in 2004 as a 2005 model. By that time the popular brand will have had even more time to entrench itself on an eager public, already responsible for consuming more than 144,000 MINIs last year. That exceeded initial expectations by 40%. Whats more in March of this year the feisty little car continued the trend, topping 200,000 units sold since its market launch. The Cabrio will no doubt enhance the little cars popularity, reaching new potential customers that might not have previously considered a MINI. While an exact production date has not been determined, most...

T3 Tundra Coming to a Toyota Dealer Near You

Toyotas Big Screen Pickup Doesnt Just Look Tough Its the spring and summer of sequels. With follow-up movies such as "2 Fast 2 Furious" and "The Matrix: Reloaded" only to name a few, its a given that vehicles previously featured in the respective films can only be bigger, better, beefier, and faster than the first movie. Now if only we could buy them. While some, like the ultra-hot Mazda RX-8 featured in X-Men wont be made available, others such as the Special Edition Tomb Raider Jeep Wrangler Rubicon will. With the release of the new movie "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" on July 2, Toyota truck lovers are in for a full-sized treat too. In the movie, futuristic cyborgs are chasing the bad guys in a pretty fly set of wheels, none other than the Toyota Tundra. As of mid-June, a limited number of Tundra "Terminator 3" Special Edition trucks will be available for sale. How many? Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. will offer only 850 examples. So what makes it so different than the regular Tundra? Lets just say it will stand out on the street. Who couldnt notice its monochrome black exterior treatment, Borla dual exhaust system, unique grille with offset "T3" identification, special Terminator 3 decals, 17-inch titanium painted alloy wheels, and metal dash accents? However, all these features will not...

Volkswagen Beetle to End Production This Summer

Did You Even Know It Was Still Being Made? Remember the Beetle? No, not the funky retro restyled VW Golf based rolling arch being sold by American Volkswagen dealers today, but the air-cooled, rear-mounted, horizontally opposed-engine variety that started off as Germanys "peoples car", an automotive icon initially designed to get the European country back on the road to prosperity in 1938. While it hasnt been sold in Canada for decades the once popular Beetle is still available elsewhere, but not for long. On Friday Europes largest automaker announced it would finally pull the plug on Beetle production this summer in its Puebla, Mexico plant after a 50 year run. Altogether over 22 million Beetles were built over the models 70 years of global production. In America Beetles are currently popular among collectors and import tuners alike, having formed a longstanding cult-like status. After this summer only the New Beetle will remain in the global new car market, but the front-wheel drive model with its front-mounted, water-cooled, inline four-cylinder engine bares only a spiritual connection to the original. Altogether over 22 million Beetles were built over the models 70 years of global production. In America Beetles are currently popular among collectors and import tuners alike, having formed a longstanding cult-like status. After this summer only the New Beetle will remain in the global new car...

Detroit Report: Ford Motor Celebrates Its Past While Facing an Uncertain Future

Ford Motor Plans to Bring 100 New Vehicles to Market in 5 Years As Ford Motor Company prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary, the company is back to basics with its revitalization plan, said Edsel B. Ford II, addressing the Automotive Press Association last week at the Detroit Athletic Club. "We believe that Fords revitalization and our history are part of the same story," said Ford, company board member and great-grandson of the founder. "For we are getting back to basics, designing, engineering, building vehicles that stir passion in the hearts and souls of our customers." "We are reapplying the vision and values that founded Ford and have sustained us for an entire century," Ford continued. "This is truly a pivotal year for Ford, a milestone where we pause, if only for a moment, to look back at where weve been and reaffirm that were on the right road to the future." The Ford Centennial celebration, being held around Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Mich., from June 12-16, is significant for countless people around the globe because Henry Ford not only founded a company, but he also changed the world, Edsel Ford said. Ford literally put the world on wheels with its Model T, an affordable car that gave people personal mobility. And, another innovation was the five-dollar-day, eight hour a day work week, which...

Popular Style Publication Picks 5 Top Designs

Bentley, BMW, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche are Winners The popular personal style e-zine eCityofStyle.com recently offered up its take on the five most stylish automobiles for 2003, in its third annual Auto Style Awards. The winners include the Bentley Continental GT Coupe, BMWs radical Z4 roadster, the Lincoln LS V8 sedan, Mercedes-Benz E500 and Porsche Cayenne SUV. The eCityofStyle.com judges stated, "The Bentley Continental GT combines the companys delicate craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to make it the fastest four-seater coupe available in the world. The cars twin-turbocharged 12 cylinder engine produces an astronomical 550 hp. The car also has a six-speed automatic transmission, racing-inspired steering wheel paddle shifters, and the companys first all-wheel-drive system. The design includes an aerodynamic and muscular body featuring a long hood, drilled aluminum pedals, chrome instruments, strong rear fenders, top quality leather and wood throughout the cabin, and the companys signature matrix mesh grille." BMWs Z4 replaces its previous entry-level roadster, the Z3. The new design, like the German automakers flagship 7-Series, has caused some controversy, but eCityofStyle.coms Ayman Shairzay describes the experience of seeing the car up close and personal quite well. "Whereas many other automakers were developing successful retro-designed cars, BMW has distinctly taken the opposite direction," said Shairzay. "Sharp creases, edgy lines, and an overtly shark-like profile give the Z4 a thoroughly modern form. Prima facie, the Z4s...


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