Rory Murdoch has won the inaugural tournament ‘Majesic Slot Gacor Hari Ini Tour’ last week. He winnings include $68,000 cash and a $15,000 package to the 2006 World Series of Poker’s main event. reports:

He outlasted 60 players in the $2,100-with-rebuys event held at the Majestic Casino in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. McHugh is a ring game professional who grew up in Ireland but now lives and plays in Panama City, Panama.

“Poker For Dummies’ The New Book in the ‘Dummies Series’

The inimitable series “How to ……for Dummies’ are a set of self teaching books with more admirers than critics. With the popularity of poker on the upswing, it was inevitable that the title ‘Poker For Dummies’ had to hit the market. reports:

Written by the poker expert Lou Kreiger and lawyer and poker buff Richard Harooch, the new poker publication is reported to be ideal for newbies, with step-by-step instruction on “….how to get, bluff, and play your way to the top, from seven card stud and high-low splits to Omaha and Texas Hold’em Poker.”

The Different Kinds of Poker Tournaments That are Played

Before you begin to formulate a strategy on poker tournaments, you must be aware of certain facts. You must know about the different phases that occur and are relevant to the game play. Divide the process into four parts. Start with the pre-tournament decision making, then look at the beginning and middle stages, and finally the finishing stage. In the first stage or the pre-tournament stage, decide upon the type of tournament you would like to enter. Given below is a comprehensive list of the different kinds of tournaments available:

Major Tournaments: are large tournaments lasting for extended periods of time and with large buy-ins.

Minor Tournaments: are much smaller and usually go on for 3 days, with cheaper buy-ins.

Free Roll Tournaments: here there are no buy-in fee, for entry.

Re-buy Tournaments: Here players are given the option to purchase more chips during a specified time period, usually for the same price as the original buy-in.

Guaranteed Tournaments: guarantee from the start that a certain amount of money will be in the prize pool, regardless of the number of players.

Satellite Tournaments: are a one-table tournaments used for the purpose of awarding winners with buy-in’s for major tournaments.

Accessories Used in a Poker Game

There are number of items that are not absolutely necessary in order to successfully play a game of poker. However they can surely enhance the quality of your home poker gaming. These accessories include:

Dealer Button: is handy in keeping a track of who’s next in line, to be the dealer.

Black Shoe: is designed to hold cards.

Discard Rack: is used to hold already played cards. Whenever a player folds or a dealer removes played cards, they go into this rack.

Table Brush: aids in keeping the table felt in good condition.

Portable Chip Racks: are the best solution for storing winnings, specially when you have more than a single table of players.

Chip Case: provides an easy and safe way to carry your chips.