You’ve been reading and hearing about it. But what is the “Online Automation for real estate Agents” Workshop.

The online agents workshop has been specifically developed for the sales reps and property managers. The men and women that are at the front line of real estate.

Can real estate agents benefit from developing new skills? Yes

Online Agents is an interactive workshop which covers the basics of blogging. Including:

Creating an Account

Creating a Blog

Posting relevant articles

Correct use of keywords relevant to real estate

Submitting blogs to search engines

How to increase the popularity of your blog

So how can your real estate agents benefit? Our future buyers and sellers of real estate spend a majority of their time online. They research, study trends and refine their online searches until they find what they are looking for. The question is, at which point of their research do they find out about your real estate agent servicing their area of interest.

Without an online presence your real estate agents are at the end of the line. Our future buyers and vendors may not come across them at all.

Most Real estate agencies have their own website. Most of these sites look great but are not optimized for the search engines. After an Online Agents workshop. Your Real Estate agents will be able to create a blog which will be optimized for the area they are working.

The workshop is provided to your team at your office as part of your sales/training meetings and generally takes 30-45 minutes. There is ample time for questions and feedback. I generally block out 90 minutes in total to make sure I am available to answer any questions.

What does the online agents workshop cost? It’s FREE. However, there is a catch. I can only offer this workshop to my clients, being the subscribers to in the Southern suburbs of the Perth Metropolitan area in Western Australia.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

So it’s time to start writing your real estate blog, Your Blogger account has been created and it’s all ready to go. All we need to do before we start is carefully choose our keywords.

A few keywords like “Real Estate” “Property Management” “Realty” “Location” come to mind, however, chances are your competitors are using these as well. So you may want to think about alternatives and there is a very handy free tool from google that will help you here.