April has come and gone, with finnrene taking down the Ongame Leaderboard yet again, doing just as he did in March! So now that we’re in May, it’s time to take a look at who’s ready to make a name for themselves and who’s ready to make some noise. But before we do that, let’s take a look at how April ended, so you can get acquainted with some names we’ll be seeing yet again this month.

  1. finnrene 18449
  2. -Rex Cramer- 18399
  3. ToMontana8 14779
  4. billybillard 14592
  5. mandolinchen 12958
  6. Don Cool 12133
  7. domiN06 12004
  8. iilimato12 11407
  9. -ronnie1 10754
  10. Wieringen 9630

Last month was quite amazing, with finnrene coming out of nowhere to absolutely dominate Ongame in the final weeks of April, and take bitcoin roulette it down yet again. If you’d like to take a look at his meteoric rise to the top, or any past dates, head over to http://poker-network.flopturnriver.com/PokerNetwork-Ongame-Network.php, head to the bottom of the page, and click on the corresponding day on the calendar! Now, onto this month!

  1. finnrene 5216
  2. mandolinchen 5101
  3. Boro Gon 5010

4 -Rex Cramer- 4758

  1. lindorf1988 4726
  2. aruba36 4370
  3. ToMontana8 4363
  4. kyfran91 4321
  5. EVG 1969 4252
  6. iilimato12 4152

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Finnrene is once again atop the leaderboard, primed for another great run this month. However, his lead is quite narrow, as you can see. Mandolinchen stormed into the top ten in the second half of April, and has definitely turned it on in May, thus far. Finnrene has proven to be a monster on the Ongame Network so far, so it will be quite interesting to see how he fares against mandolinchen. Next up is Boro Gon in 3rd, one of five new entries to the top ten. He’s making a great showing thus far, just barely behind mandolinchen and finnrene. We’ll have to wait and see with him, to see if he’s real, or just getting a bit lucky. Coming in at 4th for May so far, is another top ten mainstay, in -Rex Cramer-. He’s taken a bit of a drop from ending April in 2nd, but he’s still doing great. Lindorf1988 is another new arrival, coming in at a respectable fifth for his first entrance to the top ten. Yet another new player to the top ten is aruba36, coming in at 6, with 4370 points. I should point out that within the top ten, only 1064 points separate 1st and 10th, so there’s definitely a great deal of room to work with for all of these players, as no one is too far behind the others.

ToMontana8 is sticking around, starting May off in 7th, but he’s gonna need to step it up if he wants to stay in the top ten for the rest of the month. Kyfran91 is our fourth player who’s new to the top ten, jumping in at number eight. EVG 1969 is our final new arrival this month, starting off at number nine. And finally, someone who made the climb into the top ten at the very end of April, iilimato12. With 4152 points, they’re really gonna have to make an effort to stay in the top ten, and perhaps even climb higher next week.

That’s all for this week. If you’d like to take a deeper look at today’s rankings, head over to http://www.flopturnriver.com/Ongame-PokerRoom-Players-20080508.php and take a closer look yourself!