It was a scare spectacular on October 31st for our official Halloween Freezeout Tournament. Competing for the prize pool as well as a bonus pumpkin accolade, 359 players registered to join in the Halloween celebration and take their shot at a share of the money!

The added incentive was a $500 addition to the sanghoki , which took the total winnings to over $4000! Over the source of course of several hours the players were eliminated down to the final six, who played tight for almost half an hour before going straight to the action and knocking each other out in the space of six minutes.

The first to go was yeyrie, who went all in after the other positions folded, but the final position was called by Jutt21. yeyrie had pocket fours, with Jutt21 showing a Queen and an Ace. The flop brought a Queen to the table, and yeyrie failed to improve giving Jutt21 the top pair and a healthy stack of chips.

Two hands later, the action was on SUITEDBOOT and DesNutz who both went all in after the flop of Ah, Ad and 6h. SUITEDBOOT showed a Jack and King, and DesNutz flipped his six and ten. SUITEDBOOT was drawing for a Jack or King pair, but DesNutz held out with his Aces and sixes, winning the pot and ensuring a quick elimination.

On the very next hand, the flop brought an Ace which made a pair for both vinland1980 and XXloseXX. The turn brought a five which gave XXloseXX two pair. vinland1980 needed a ten on the river to improve, but a Jack came up and brought yet another speedy knockout.

Unfortunately, all those hard-earned winnings went straight out three hands later. Holding a two and Ace, XXloseXX went all in before the flop against Jutt21 who held pocket tens. Jutt21 made two pair, tens and sevens from the flop, while XXloseXX didn’t improve at all and was eliminated in third place.

The action was down to the final two players, Jutt21 and DesNutz, who trailed behind in chip count. That was nothing a winning all in bet couldn’t reverse in one hit, so spirits were still high. After the flop, which helped neither player, Jutt21 checked but was responded to by a minimum bet. Perhaps hoping to bluff, Jutt21 raised all in and was called. Jutt21 had an uninspiring five and four, while DesNutz held an Ace and ten. Despite dominating Jutt21, DesNutz was hindered by a five on the turn, giving a low pair to the excited opponent. To seal the victory the river brought an eight, giving Jutt21 two pair and the title of Halloween Freezeout champion!

Jutt21 picked up a massive $1,063.41 prize for his $11 entry, and everyone in the top 50 shared in the remainder of the prize pool. The tournament was a huge success, and we look forward to seeing more players joining in the fun at our many other scheduled tournaments available each and every day.

Here’s a short list of the top prize winners:

Jutt21 – $1,063.41

DesNutz – $695.31

XXloseXX – $327.21

vinland1980 – $245.41

SUITEDBOOT – $204.51

yeyrie – $163.61

f1XXer – $122.71

kaseys40 – $102.26

flail1 – $81.81