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Food and Energy

Food and Energy are increasingly scarce and expensive. The demand for food and energy is increasing while agricultural land is limited and the energy resources of our planet are depleting. Therefore, ... continue >

Nahrung und Energie

The authors discuss the challenge of the growing world population and the increasing need for food and energy on the one hand and limited agricultural land and decreasing resources of energy on the ot... continue >

The social, economic and environmental value of agricultural productivity in the EU

Global agriculture and rural development face manifold challenges. The study reveals how a more productive and resource efficient agriculture can mitigate these challenges and provide at the same time... continue >

Towards the Third Green Revolution

Agriculture - a key industry in the 21st century - the brochure describes the challenges that agriculture sciences and world food face in order to meet global needs. The key to success lies in researc... continue >

Ananas aus dem Allgäu?

"Ananas aus dem Allgäu?" reveals how ecological and socially friendly regional shopping is. It addresses to consumers who still worry about the environment when they purchase food produced abroad... continue >

Die dritte Grüne Revolution

"Die dritte Grüne Revolution" investigates agriculture as a key industry in the 21st century and describes the challenges that world food and agricultural sciences face in meeting global needs.&n... continue >

Die globalisierte Kuh

"Die globalisierte Kuh" describes social, economic, sanitary and ethic problems of dairy farming and explains why dairy cows do not spoil the climate.... continue >

Boden - Fundament des Lebens

Although we are aware of the importance of water and air for human beings, we usually underestimate soil. It is an extremely sensitive resource, which is farmed intensively and often overexploited. Th... continue >