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The Economics of Rumpelstiltskin

Why speculation is not a prime cause of high and volatile international agricultural commodity prices: An economic analysis of the 2007-08 price spike In the article the authors, Harald von Witzke an... continue >

President of HFFA at German Bundestag

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Harald von Witzke gave a statement on the April 4, 2011 public hearing of the 35th meeting of the German Bundestag Committee on Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection about ... continue >

HFFA Working Paper 2

HFFA Working Paper 02/2011 "Rediscovering productivity in European agriculture: Theoretical background, trends, global perspectives, and policy options" available for download. A report by Dieter Kir... continue >

HFFA Working Paper 1

HFFA Working Paper 01/2011 "Der süße Sang der Sirenen" available for download. An economic analysis by Harald von Witzke and Steffen Noleppa on the importance and the protection of intelle... continue >

Bananas from Bavaria?

"Bananas from Bavaria? How ecological and socially friendly is regional shopping?"Many consumers are worried about the environment when they purchase food produced abroad. "Think global - buy local" i... continue >

Ananas aus dem Allgäu?

"Ananas aus dem Allgäu" is the German issue of "Bananas from Bavaria" and reveals how ecological and socially friendly regional shopping is. It addresses to consumers who worry about the environm... continue >

Towards the Third Green Revolution - available soon for download

"Towards the Third Green Revolution: Agriculture - A Key Industry in the 21st Century" and its German issue "Die dritte Grüne Revolution" will soon be available for download. At the moment both p... continue >